Accompanying the implementation of efficient eAdministration


In order to facilitate the implementation of efficient electronic administration (eAdministration), the CTIE relies on three main fundamental principles, validated by the Council of Government on 24 July 2015:


According to the digital by default principle, which is crucial for the emergence of a digital culture, all new legislation must take account of the digital aspect and incorporate its implementation right from the initial stage of conception. Additionally, all interactions and transactions between administrations, and between administrations and the public and businesses, should be carried out by electronic means.


The once only principle ought to make a substantial contribution to lightening and simplifying administrative procedures. In practice, if the user expressly agrees, each administration has the obligation to re-use the information it or another public administration already holds. In applying the principle, legislation on the protection of personal data and privacy must be observed.


In its desire for transparency, the Government intends to make it possible for citizens to consult, in electronic form, the data the administration holds about them, and to check which administration has accessed the data. Citizens should also, as far as possible, be able to trace the progress of the processing of their dossiers online.

These main fundamental principles accompany the implementation of Guichet.lu, recognised by the Council of Government as the favoured portal for all interaction with members of the public.

They also contribute to the emergence of a modern, efficient digital administration which offers many advantages, including:

  • a simplification and optimisation of processing procedures;
  • a saving of time for all users;
  • more efficient communication among all the parties involved;
  • economies of scale, through setting up pooled and centralised solutions;
  • the development of a very positive image of the Grand Duchy.  

The CTIE works to promote the growth of a digital-friendly administration, and on an everyday basis it manages the Guichet.lu information portal. Developed in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy, this portal provides the public, citizens and businesses, with as comprehensive information as possible on administrative procedures in the Grand Duchy, thereby contributing to the implementation of efficient eAdministration.

Ultimately, the aim is for all administrative procedures to be accessible in electronic form, if possible from the initial request through to the administration’s delivery of the result. To achieve this, the CTIE has developed MyGuichet.lu, a secure platform bringing together in one place a multitude of digital services operated by the Luxembourg State for consulting data listed with administrations, receiving and printing official documents (eDelivery), and carrying out various procedures online.

Backing up this digital section, a Helpdesk is available to answer any questions users may have, either by e‑mail or phone ((+352) 247 82000), or face-to-face at the reception desk of Guichet.lu, at 11, Rue Notre-Dame (opposite the Knuedler), in Luxembourg City. This physical front office is also able to issue the electronic identity card (eID) and allow members of the public to carry out the procedures for obtaining a driving licence (Société nationale de circulation automobile - National Society of Automotive Traffic).

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