Shared services center

IT service provider to the administrations

The CTIE’s attributions include acting as IT service provider to the administrations.

The CTIE is organised in ten separate divisions. It intends to supply leading-edge, evolutive services suited to grass-roots needs for citizens, administrations and businesses. These services are divided into 10 categories:

Applications and job solutions

The development of tailor-made applications and job solutions helps to improve efficiency and performance in the processing of requests originated by clients.

Office automation and telephony

In the digital age, the everyday work of employees relies heavily on the use of means of communication that are efficient and secure.

Centralised purchasing unit

An efficient organisation cannot do without quality IT equipment, suited to the precise needs of each of its employees.

Communication and collaboration

Collaboration is the key to constantly getting closer to clients’ needs and raising their level of satisfaction.

Advice and expertise

The success of any new project involves a good working knowledge not only of management but also of the rules and procedures that must be followed (public procurements contracts, security audits, IT project management).

Printed material and office supplies

The CTIE is responsible for producing, printing, proofreading, enveloping and/or dispatching the State’s documents and publications, and for producing secure administrative documents (eID, passport). Online ordering platform for public administrations

Infrastructures and data centres

An efficient IT infrastructure is essential for the development of new digital services.


The digital transformation of any organisation involves setting up a number of web platforms (using SharePoint or SAP), with tailor-made configurations

Internet presence

The CTIE coordinates the State’s entire Internet presence through these portals and other websites in a considered fashion. To ensure standards of quality and accessibility, it uses the RENOW reference framework.

GovCloud Solutions

One important project is the setting up of Cloud infrastructures and services specifically for use by the State (Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS).

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