Free PCR tests for people who cannot be vaccinated

In order to allow anyone who cannot be vaccinated to benefit from free PCR tests after 15 September 2021 (the end date of the Large Scale Testing programme), the Government Council decided on 17 September 2021 to implement a new project for targeted screening using "COVID-19 PCR test vouchers".

As of 27 September, the people eligible for these vouchers are:

  • Resident children aged between 6 and 11 years inclusive: they will receive 5 vouchers for a free PCR test via automatic mailing from the CTIE. Please note that these children are already tested twice a week at school, which gives access to a certificate that can be used at national level.
  • Residents with medical contraindications to vaccination: they will be eligible for 5 free PCR test vouchers upon request sent to the Health Directorate via email at A medical certificate must be provided with the request.
  • Vaccinated resident students who need a negative PCR test in order to attend their university abroad. Vouchers will be sent via the Association des cercles d'étudiants luxembourgeois (ACEL).

The vouchers can be used in every certified medical analysis laboratory in Luxembourg (BioNext, Ketterthill, Laboratoires réunis) until 31 December 2021. The laboratories will draw up the invoices for the attention of the Health Directorate on the basis of the vouchers actually used.

Press release by the Ministry of State and the Ministry of Health

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