Adaption of the app in view of the new anti-COVID measures

The app has been adapted in view of the new anti-COVID measures announced by the Government in the fight against the pandemic. Users can now familiarise themselves with this new version of the app.

A different button for every situation

From now on, the person who verifies a certificate with the application must choose between 3 different buttons when opening the application:

  • the 3G button (vaccinated, recovered or tested) for cases established by the anti-COVID law,
  • the 2G button (vaccinated or recovered) for cases established by the anti-COVID law,
  • the "Travel" button for the official rules related to the entry into the destination country.

After verification, the app displays the name of the person to whom the certificate belongs and the result (valid or invalid).

In the case of the 3G system, the person must present a valid vaccination certificate, a valid recovery certificate or a valid negative COVID-19 test certificate.

In the case of the 2G system, the person must present either a valid vaccination certificate or a valid recovery certificate.

If travelling abroad, the person verifying the certificate clicks on the "Travel" button, scans the certificate and then sees the flags of the different countries for which the app can verify whether the certificate is valid or not.

The app applies the official rules of the destination country for entry published on the dedicated EU gateway service. However, the app does not consider particular rules set by a country in specific situations.

Explanatory videos on how to use the application are available at and

The application is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Users who have not enabled the automatic application update feature on their phone can access the new version of the CovidCheck application by visiting the app store where they downloaded it from. It is also recommended to synchronise the app with the national system by going to the Settings of the app and then clicking on "Synchronise with national system".

Marc Hansen, Minister Delegate for Digitalisation, congratulates the CTIE teams for their efforts to implement these adaptations in record time.

Press release by the Ministry for Digitalisation and the Ministry of Health

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